Who Are We?

Lungs Project is a non-profit curatorial collective and print publication founded in 2016 by MA Curating graduates of the University of Sunderland. The team currently consists of Angela Wingate-Burdon and Sheyda A. Khaymaz. 

Based simultaneously in the North of England and the state of Ohio, US, Lungs Project is established as a trans-disciplinary platform to promote the work of underexposed artists and writers, especially those who are from chronically underrepresented backgrounds. The project focuses on building a nourishing, collaborative community of early career artists by merging contemporary art, design, and literature to create a dialogue between various disciplines. As an independent organisation, it aims to connect emerging creatives with new opportunities while fostering critical thought and experimental methodologies through publishing and curating exhibitions. Lungs Project adopts various publishing models as curatorial praxis to highlight more democratised and decentralised forms of producing and disseminating knowledge.

The inaugural issue of Lungs successfully launched in September 2016 with an accompanying pop-up exhibition "Emerging!" held in Sunderland. The second issue, launched in October 2017 with an exhibition in Newcastle entitled "Dialogus". The third issue, focusing on the social and political implications of identity, is dedicated entirely to artists and writers of colour around the world launched in October 2018.


Lungs Team