Creative Incubator Apply

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We are pleased to announce a new web residency programme for artists and writers of colour which will predominantly take place on our Instagram page throughout 2019-2020. The Creative Incubator Programme aims to focus on each participant's modes of thinking and producing. We have created this programme to be different from other web residencies which are currently so ubiquitous. We have developed a model which is tailored to every artist’s individual needs as we wanted to support and promote your practice on our platform continuously so that we can form and nourish a symbiotic relationship. This programme is a result of an ongoing dialogue rooted in solidarity, generosity and giving as the quintessence of our curatorial ethics.

Each resident’s process is documented in full on this section of our website. We are keen on working with artists and writers in various capacities to be able to create a living and breathing space on our Instagram page with multiple minds helping to shape our voice, rather than just us two. We don't ask for finished works or demand you to dedicate your time to a whole new line of enquiry. You can choose to experiment with digital technologies, new writing styles or simply share your works in progress/create new works in the same vein of your practice. However, we always encourage you to be playful and step out of your comfort zone. If you wish to collaborate with other Lungs artists, we are more than happy to facilitate that for you. 

Please click on the link below to submit your application. Just send us link to your current visual art portfolio or writings alongside a short proposal of what you intend to do and we’ll take the conversation forward from there on. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.