Apply: Creative Incubator Programme

The Creative Incubator is a digital site of solidarity, experimentation and activation for BIPOC creatives around the world. We are now accepting applications on a rolling basis.


We are pleased to announce we are now accepting applications for our new web residency programme for BIPOC artists and writers. The Creative Incubator Programme aims to focus on each participant's modes of thinking, producing, soaking up the world, expanding and traversing boundaries. We have created this programme to provide a catalyst for forming and nourishing a symbiotic relationship, towards an understanding of intersectional collectivity. This programme is an experiment rooted in an ongoing dialogue on how to cultivate a notion of curatorial ethics immersed in solidarity, generosity and giving.

The Incubator is analogous of a fertile space for those who revel in transitionary mediums, in-between, overlapping spaces whereby experiments ferment and grow. With your participation, our Instagram page becomes a site of experimentation, a marriage of seemingly discrepant attitudes, mediums, disciplines, and geographies.

We are keen on supporting creatives with multi-faceted/hybrid practices to be able to unlock the potential and expand the breathing space of our Instagram page with many minds helping to shape our voice….. all becoming one voice. Participants can choose to experiment with digital technologies, new writing styles or create new works in the same vein of their practice. A playful attitude is always encouraged!

Please click on the link below to submit your application. We want to make engaging with new opportunities as easy as possible for everyone! So, just send us a link to your current visual art portfolio or writings alongside a short proposal (250 words max) of what ideas you intend to explore and we’ll take the conversation forward from there on. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.