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Open Call For Submissions

Deadline: 1 July, 2019 - midnight EDT


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resistance (noun)

re·sis·tance | \ ri-ˈzi-stən(t)s \

1 a: an act or instance of resisting : OPPOSITION

b: a means of resisting

2: the power or capacity to resist: such as

a: the inherent ability of an organism to resist harmful influences (such as disease, toxic agents, or infection)

b: the capacity of a species or strain of microorganism to survive exposure to a toxic agent (such as a drug) formerly effective against it

3: an opposing or retarding force


Lungs Project is excited to announce an international open call for an upcoming poetry anthology. This open call is aimed at poets of color who identify as cis women, trans women, and non-binary. In this anthology project, we seek to explore poetry as a space for womxn from systemically oppressed backgrounds to cultivate and exercise resistance. We fundamentally define this rebellion as the ability of our community to remain steadfast and thriving when challenged by daily microaggressions, most of which are woven into the very fabric of our society. The framework of the anthology will navigate the intersections of poetic resistance as a source of empowerment, as activism, and ultimately as an act of transgression.

We are looking for emerging or published poets who work with a wide range of themes. The specifics of our open call require works which critically reflect on and challenge conventional societal values while examining issues of race, misogyny, and gender. We are keen on receiving submissions from poets whose work actively transcends preconceived notions and prejudices against our communities. We are open to various forms of poetry such as narrative, free verse, Haiku, and so on.

Applications are free. To apply for the open call, please send us via email:

 • A Short Biography: 200 words or less, written in the third person (including a brief publication history, education, themes & interests, remember to include your pronouns)

 • A Portfolio Folder: Finished, revised and typed poems. Each work should be saved as either doc, docx or pdf and titled as NameSurname-TitleofWork-Year. Please send us a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 works. 

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions. 



Frequently Asked Questions:

Please make sure you read the guidelines before submitting. Selected works will go through a process of editing if necessary so you will have the opportunity to revise after submissions are closed. Please only submit if you are happy for us to edit your work within reason.

• Who is eligible for this opportunity?

Up-and-coming or established poets of color who identify as cis women, trans-women, and non-binary. Please note that our platform focuses on editorial and curatorial activism as we are primarily concerned with issues around representation of people from historically marginalized backgrounds. Therefore we are only interested in working with poets who are from Black, Asian, indigenous or other ethnic backgrounds.

• When is the deadline?

The deadline for the open call is 1 July 2019, midnight EDT.

• How many works can I submit?

You can submit between 5 - 10 works of any length. We would like to see as many poems as possible to get a better sense of your practice and get to know your interests. We also encourage you to attach a short biography including your background, your location, and the themes you work with.

• How much does it cost to apply?

The submissions are always free and you are never required to pay any contribution fee if you are selected.

Are there payments to contributors?

We are a small team with a virtually non-existing funding source but we put our heart into every project. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any payments to contributors at this time as we are financing this anthology with our personal savings. In return for your contribution, we will support and promote your work on all our social media channels and our website. Additionally, all contributors will receive a free print copy of the anthology.

• When will I be notified of the result of my submission?

We will try our best to contact all applicants within three weeks of the application deadline. Thanks for your patience.

• What can I submit?

We welcome all forms of poetry; traditionally structured, free verse, narrative, experimental or illustrated poems. We will consider simultaneous submissions. If the selected work is also accepted elsewhere, please give us more details. Previously published poems and translations of poetry are also accepted. You don't need to be working in line with the theme of our open call. We are interested in seeing how people from our wider community use poetry to respond or react to the world around us.

• What file types do you accept?

We accept doc, docx, pdf files. Text files need to be titled as NameSurname-TitleofWork-Year.

• Do you provide other opportunities for selected poets?

We will be organizing events and poetry readings in conjunction with the book launch in Ohio, US. We will keep the contributors updated by email at every step of this process.

• Do you offer individual criticism?

Submissions are read by Co-editors Sheyda A. Khaymaz and Angela Burdon. If your work is not selected, please don't be discouraged. If you wish to get feedback, please let us know via email; we would be more than happy to offer you our thoughts.